NEURA is an energy technology business

NEURA was established with the goal of developing future-ready ‘Utility Management Technologies’ that would be able to meet the changing energy landscape and aid in establishing ‘Smart Grid’. Today NEURA’s focus is on providing the best in class, and most economical, Residential Load Management solutions to the South Africa market.

Neura is deploying its technology into three applications:

Energy Management

Electricity Trading

Demand Side Management

Our "Why"


To be the Catalyst and Solution to mitigate 2 stages of Load Shedding by 2030, through installing and managing 5 million IoT devices.

Monitoring 5 million IoT devices

Implementing Energy Management Solutions

Reducing peak electricity usage through Smart Load Control

*Big Hairy Ambitious Goal – a concept Trade Marked and made famous by Jim Collins in his book Built to Last

NEURA Tracker


Days to 2030

Number of IoT devices installed
MW Residential Load Managed
Number of kWh traded
kWh of energy saved

Our Approach

NEURA offers comprehensive energy management solutions to help you minimise your costs, maximise your profitability and enhance your competitiveness.

NEURA has the best interest of the consumer at heart. Our “hierarchy of energy needs” methodology is a “bottom-up”, rather than a “top-down” approach. We seek to find you the most impactful energy intervention that will provide you with the best returns on investment.

Step 1 -
Status quo analysis and benchmarking

Access historical energy spending. Benchmark against industry, international standards and best practices.

Step 2 -
Identify saving opportunities

Smart meter & IoT device installations.Tariff optimisation Data driven analysis of when and how energy is used.

Step 3 -
Demand side management

Load shifting & peak shaving. Dashboard measuring and monitoring to achieve process optimisation, eliminate waste & reduce carbon generation. Curtailment.

Step 4 -
Maximisation of Energy Efficiency

Equipment replacement. Investment into the most appropriate technology – from a business case perspective – to meet organisational needs and reduce energy losses.

Step 5 -
Self Generation

Optimise on-site generation from Solar PV. Energy Storage.

Step 6 -
Electricity Trading

Smart charging and discharging of batteries.
Maximise on-site generation and selling of excess power. Buying the balance what is not generated on-site.

Our technology

NEURA’s patented IoT utility management system integrates advanced electricity management into a single cloud based smart-grid platform.

The system provides high resolution data, two-way communication and switching for a multitude of uses. Our proprietary algorithms are able to manage load and provide insights and live alerts to the end user.

The NEURA tech stack is made up of:
Progressive Web applications
Proprietary Algorithms
Cloud Computing
Edge Computing


Case Studies

NEURA has over a 10 year track record of helping its customers be more energy efficient; save money and decarbonise.